2020 in review

Yes, on of those. Brief and personal.

What went well this year?

Started freelancing. This was finally the year. After years of thinking about it I finally did it. Started my own company. Being Self-employed.

The Home Office. Since I'm have been working from home for almost the entire year I decided to invest in a decent WFH set up. Standing Desk, Monitor, Chair, ... The whole shebang.

Family Time. Another positive side effect of the lockdown. I was able to spend a lot of time with the family. Working from home with 2 small children is a challenge. But it's nothing compared to the joy of seeing my daughter taking her first steps. There were a lot of first times that I would have missed if I would have been in an office.

Padel. After the first lockdown I started playing a weekly Padel game. I do enjoy that a lot. Nothing competitive, just an hour of fun and some beers afterwards.

What didn't go so well his year?

Running. Although it was an active year I can't image running the same pace and distance I did a couple of years ago when I ran 2 marathons in a single year.

The Second Lockdown. The second lockdown was (or still is) a lot harder on me than the first one.

What about next year?

I have been thinking a lot about my priorities for 2021. But that's for another post. One thing is clear already. More of this. Writing. In any form. It's time to stop passivly (and often mindlessly) consuming content. Time to become active.